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advanced technologyRaymond DeWire has worked in the fitness and recreation industry as an aquatic supervisor and swimming coach. So beginning around 400,000 years in the past every time a brand new human civilization would achieve a certain stage of technological and spiritual sophistication, first the Annunaki, then with the help of the Draco-Reptilian/Zeta Alliance would wipe that civilization from the face of the Earth using expertise that would appear to be in the type of a planet inflicting tectonic plate stress that may create huge global cataclysms.

It included a high resolution capture system, an Education and Technology Middle at the Hermitage, a kiosk to information the visitors and a prime award successful website that contains some advanced applied sciences including invisible watermarking of images, dynamic zooming of artwork, panorama views of the Hermitage and a searchable database.

What have to be understood is that the present regime or Cabal, that actually controls this planet, has already began their very own Break Away Civilization and they are now utilizing its advanced technology and colonies unfold all through our photo voltaic system and past to regulate and manipulate occasions on Earth designed to ensure that humanity continues to help them through monetary indentured servitude.

I think expertise is transferring forward of our capability to fully recognize it and use this miraculous discovery in a humane and constructive manner…but, just like anything all through historical past; there’ll all the time be those that abuse energy..nonetheless and in whatever type that power might take…it’s just human nature; sadly.

NSF is especially occupied with proposals from all types of Minority Serving Institutions (together with Hispanic Serving Establishments, Traditionally Black Colleges and Universities, Tribal Faculties and Universities, and Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian Serving Institutions) where the proportion of underrepresented college students serious about advanced know-how careers is growing.

They actually grew to become trapped in time contained in the Unified Subject of Harmonic Universe 1, as formless consciousness and there they might have remained forever had not a bunch of higher dimensional beings, generally known as the Palaidorians created a rescue plan.

Painful as all of that shall be for the entire business, and each stakeholder in it, it will additionally provide nice opportunities to interrupt freed from the perceived restrictions of ATM technology that have prevented crucial innovation to make built-in funds a actuality.