Travelling to Bali

Travelling is interesting, yet challenging. That makes people who like challenges so much are interested in travelling. However, travelling is not challenging anymore if the destinations you will visit have been visited before. That is why you have to find other destinations to go even if it means you have to go abroad to find them.

Travelling is also exploring new places and finding a lot of experience. By travelling, you will know which places you should visit since there are a lot of destinations around the world which are too amazing to be skipped. While finding the destinations, you will find that you have explored a part of the world, you have tried to find a way to go there, and you have already prepared what you should bring while travelling.  And all those things are just a part of finding new experiences.

One of the travelling destinations you can visit is Bali. Bali is one of islands in Indonesia. Bali, which is also well- known as Dewata Island, is popular for its beaches, like Sanur and Kuta Beach. However, they are just a little piece of Bali’s tourism places since Bali does not only offer marine tourism, but it also offers natural and cultural tourism. Therefore, if you want other kinds of tourism places, you can find any information related to natural and cultural tourism places in Bali.

Not only can its tourism destinations attract people from around the world, but its cultural daily life also becomes another thing which can attract people’s attention. Most people in Bali are very aware of their cultural life, such as wearing traditional dress and doing some traditional events. Moreover, any buildings in Bali are designed by combining modern and traditional architecture. Even, when you have just arrived in Bali airport, NgurahRai International Airport, you will see that there is a part in the airport which is designed like a gate to enter Pura (a place to do a prayer for Hindu people). It proves how Balinese try to keep their cultural life from the simple things like architecture.

Overall, there are a lot of things you can get by travelling. Travelling is interesting and challenging, but travelling can also be as a new way to explore new places and find a lot of experience. In travelling, visiting tourism places is a part of travelling. In this case, you can find some interesting and popular tourism places which can give a new experience to you. One of the places which can be visited is Bali where you can find kinds of tourism, such as marine, natural, and cultural tourism. Besides tourisms, cultural daily life in Bali cannot be neglected since it makes Bali different from other places.